Corpus Ex-Machina

Role: Director, animator
Software used: After Effects, Photoshop
University project

About the project

Experimental stop motion animation based on the sculptures and photographs of Hannah Villiger.

“The body as a machine or trapped inside a machine. A lot of us live in fast paced environments that are slowly taking our humanity away. Sometimes we need to stop for a while and be human again.”
Hannah Villiger

Our intention was to break apart human movements and actions, group them all together and create  patterns, to make these simple human actions look more like a machine. We also used mirrors to help create that illusion.

This movie has won the “Best Student Animation Short”, a university competition for animation students.

Directed and animated: Bruno Gonçalves, Bruno Soares, Wilson Almeida
Sound by: Wilson Almeida

Note: the Netflix’s german series Dark (2019) has a very similar intro, maybe they were inspired by our work 😉