Miss Ericeira

Role: Video-editor, director, camera
Client: Sara Lopes
Software used: DaVinci Resolve
Equipment used: Sony A6000 + Sony 16-35mm f/3.5-5.6, Ronin-M

Ruben Lopes had the idea of creating a video for a misses competition, called Miss Earth 2018, where each Miss would have to create a video talking about ecology and the town they represent.

He had the idea of having her throw a bottle in the beginning of the video and in the end revealing the bottle would end on a litter.
After some brainstorming I suggested to make the video going backwards, because it’s all about revising our behaviors and since it has a twist at the ending I would make more sense. Going from the end of the day to the beginning.
This became a concept video more than just a simple one and within the competition, where she had to compete in other subject, ended in forth.

The feedback was very positive about the video which made us very proud.

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