Halloween Short

It all started with a group brainstorming deciding what would happen, the exercises, the fun parts and the whole planning. We did a small previs to see what would work, what would not, and what to improve.
The previs can be seen here:

Previs of the short

After that I re-wrote the storyboard, added the improvements and went to record the final version.
All was shot in V-Log, the most difficult colour correction was on the indoors shots, it would bring too much noise.

On the outdoor shots I searched for saturated colours and masked them so the spectator would focus on the subject instead of details from the background. One of the zombies had a really saturated red jacket so I had to desaturate it.

Other addition was the tone of the background, using a mask by color to isolate the skin, and then inverting the mask I would be able to turn the whole background cooler while maintaining the skin tones with a nice colour. Sometimes due to low shutter the skin would blend with the background making it harder to achieve a clean look but in the end it worked well in most of them.

I decided to add a little more value to the production so I worked on their zombie eyes, specially on the close shots. Tracking was impossible due to low shutter so I rotoscoped entire shots, the mask had a high feather value so I didn’t had to be very precise, as long as the colour of the eyes was desaturated it would look well.

Most of the sound used was directly from the recordings.
On the guitar shot the microphone was very far and caught the rain noise so we had to re-record it.

Lastly I have made a teaser for social networks.

This was achieved by making a tracking for each eye, then a solid with a mask parented to the tracker. I had to animate the mask in order to adjust the shape to the eyes. This was a bit tricky since some areas in his eyes were in the shadow, and the black colour used as demon eyes wouldn’t be so saturated since they were in the shadow. To be perfect I would add a second mask with a higher feather value to help blend the saturated black into the shadow but since the time for uploading was very short I didn’t had the time. Still I am happy with the final result.

Supernatural crew contact me 😉

And that’s about it.
See you soon!


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