Role: 3D animator, director, video-editor
Software used: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Ableton Live
University Project


This was the final short for the Digital Animation course.
I’ve written a script which I pitched the script to the teachers, movie festival critics and colleagues.
From the class three scripts would be selected and mine was one of them.
We made teams and started producing.


The main guideline was a magician, loosing his magic book to two kids with a very fertile imagination.
We had two semesters to produce the short. The first one  for the pre-production and the second one for the production and post.

At the end of the first semester we had to dispose Erika because we wouldn’t have the time or resources to make it until the deadlines. Also in the first script the room would transform into a dungeon and Baltazar would be dressed as a princess. Erika would show her evilness in a very feminine way.

Characters board
Characters board


After finishing scripting we had to script everything again to an even shorter version, a colleague had quitted so we were one man short. I was writing scripts and making animatics, Tiago was on character development and Francisco was on environment development.

Character mood board
Character mood board

Tiago also textured and rigged the characters, was up to me to animate the short while he went to Nuke to prepare things after rendering. Francisco was working on the sound.
Here is a proxy render screenshot without any Nuke post-production.

Proxy render - shot004
Proxy render – shot004

With all that finished we still had to re-render everything in Nuke. After that I’ve created the intro and made the movie montage in After-Effects. I’ve made some poses with Nelson and Baltazar, rendered them and inserted in the end credits for a special touch.


Baltazar’s book was the source of his power so I decided to carve a logo on its cover. My idea was to have a symbol that had “voodoo” on it. This is the last design.



During the making I felt we were sometimes stagnating so as the producer I decided we should switch roles temporarily. I would work on Francisco’s tasks, Tiago would do mine and so on. That way we would clear our minds a bit, instead of mechanized our work. Since the ideas for the short were already defined it wouldn’t affect much and we would all improve in different areas.

This short has won the “Best Portuguese Student short” at the Monstra Festival in 2013


Bruno Gonçalves

  • Directing / Storyboard
  • 3D animation
  • Music composer
  • Editing / After Effects compositing

Francisco Sousa

  • Environment Study / modelling
  • Foley

Tiago Mesquita

  • Character development / modelling
  • Rigging
  • Texturing
  • Nuke compositing